How to Care for your Bunny

Before you choose a bunny...

Why adopt ?
One bunny or two ?
Why bunnies and kids don't always mix ?


How rabbit digestion works

  • What every bunny parent should know

What should I feed my Bunny ?

  • There is more to life than pellets !

What veggies are safe ?

  • Some veggies can cause gas, a painful and preventable condition, and some are actually toxic !

What should I avoid ?

  • Danger lurks in some surprising places

Can I give my bunny treats ?

  • A link to the Wisconsin House Rabbit Society Treat article

What is wrong with the mix from the supermarket ?

  • Commercial pellets and mixes are formulated for meat and lab rabbits - quick growth, short lifespan.  A house rabbit needs a very different diet !

For a comprehensive diet information, visit the House Rabbit Society's diet page (note: this is intended for North Americans, some info may require translation)

Bunny Proofing



Home, Sweet Home


Why Desex ?

Medical Care

Choosing a Vet
Is my Bunny OK ?


Why does my bunny...
Can I Litter Train my Bunny ?
Toys for a happy bunny