How to Use Chat
How do I get started ?
Simply click here for the best chat instructions in bunnydom.
How do I change my Nickname ?
Simply click in the input window and type "/nick NewNick" without the inverted commas, where NewNick is the nickname you wish to use for this session. You can change your "nick" as many times as you like.
Who is "BigBunny" ?
BigBunny is our moderator.  BigBunny is always there to keep an eye on things in the chat room.  If you have any problems with chat, please send an email to BigBunny, with as much detail as possible about the problem.
How can I resize the chat window ?
Just click on the top of the chat window, and drag !   If you can't make it big enough, just download an IRC program from the internet and log in with that.
What is IRC ?
IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat.  IRC was developed so people around the world could gather for real time conversations.  Sort of like a conference call with keyboards !

There are thousands of different IRC servers around the world, and hundreds of different networks.  And each network has as many "chat rooms" as people care to create.  For a more detailed description of IRC, do a web search, and learn more about this fascinating tool.

What server should I use ?
Each server uses a specific network.  You don't need to understand what that means - just as long as you connect to a server which is on the same network that we are.  We recommend, or

The port number should be set to 6667.  And once you are connected, join the channel by typing /join

Consult your programs help files before sending email to BigBunny, but if you still can't get on, we are happy to help.

OK. I still don't get it.  Help !
Visit the Eris Free Network.  They have a very comprehensive site, and explain things a lot better than I can.  It may look daunting, but remember there was once a time before any of us even knew what email was !  Be patient with yourself, read a little each day, and soon you will be chatting with the best of them !
Click here for a quick IRC primer.