Our Favourite Links

Petbunny is a mailing list for people who live with indoor rabbits.  It consists of bunny huggers from all around the world, with many of the subscribers coming from North America.

This list is supposed to be all about bunnies, and the people who love them, consequently the discussion covers very diverse subjects.  With over 500 subscribers, it is a high volume list, but never boring !

The House Rabbit Society
The House Rabbit Society is the group that started it all.  Their website is an incredible resource with all sorts of detailed information about living with a house rabbit.  If you can't find the info you want at ACR, check the HRS.  The information is mainly directed at Americans, so if you need help "translating", just send us an email and we will help out if we can.
Christina's Rabbit References
Truly the most comprehensive set of bunny links on the internet.  If you're looking for a specific rabbit related subject, chances are, you'll find it here !
Arlette's Bunny Savvy Vet List
Can't find a vet that knows a lizard from a lagomorph ? Check out this great resource for vets all around the globe. With a section on Australian Vets that has been approved by the Companion Rabbit Crew !
Miriam's Homepage
Miriam has 26 house rabbits, and a job, and a family, and a husband !  She is also the webmistress of this wonderful site, with information about bunnyproofing, bonding, and binkies !  Check out the day to day growth of baby bunnies, and if you are not yet convinced that spaying is important for buns, read Onyx's story.
The Language of Lagomorphs
Simply the best and most exhaustive guide to rabbit language on the web.  If you ever wondered why your bunny runs in circles around your feet, or chins you, or licks you, or turns her back on you - this is a must see. 
San Diego HRS Article on Bunny Proofing
You might think you know how to set up a safe haven for your bunny, but there is more to bunnyproofing than you might think. This excellent article has clear explanations and pictures - and be sure to check out the last picture for the dire consequensense of not providing toys !