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  Oaten Hay. 

Fresh Oaten Hay is difficult to find in some states - we can send you mini bales that your bunny will love.

The Treat Sampler

A selection of tempting treats for the Bun that has everything.  Organic Apple and Willow Twigs, Dried Cranberries, Papaya Tablets, Alfalfa Cubes, Raisins and Almonds.  All in an edible basket !

The Tee-Pee Tunnel

Unprinted cardboard.  Perfect for ripping, shredding, chewing, and of course, hiding in !

The Mystery Box

A little box stuffed with yummy hay - to be pulled out and attacked, with a cranberry surprise in the center to keep bunny interested.

The Fling Thing

A lightweight chew toy that is perfect for throwing on the floor, lunging, biting, and re-arranging.  Fuzzy loves to punish hers :)

Cube Panels

Custom Harness

Send us your buns measurements, and our resident leatherman will make a harness just for your bun.

Hay Rack

Many designs to choose from.  Do you prefer Rococo or Romantic ? Mad Max or Modern ?

Cold Pack Cover

A terry towelling cover for frozen cold packs. Dampen, and insert a frozen cold pack for instant air conditioning on hot days.

Papaya Ointment

A soothing ointment made from papaya - nothing else.  Excellent for soothing sore hocks, urine scald, and to promote faster healing of scratches.

Scarless Healer

A lanolin based ointment with calendula, comfrey, and healing herbs.  Keeps wounds pliable and less prone to scabbing and breaking open, promotes rapid healing.  Great for humans too !